*** Tuesday, February 21, 2012 ***
7:30 PM



Call to Order


Roll Call


Approval of Agenda


Approval of Minutes


Routine Business
5.1   Financial Report
5.2   Payment of Bills
5.3   Recognition of Visitors / Public Comment
5.4   Communications / Correspondence
5.5   Information


Old Business
6.1   Summer 2012 Project Update


New Business
7.1   Approve Electronic Funds Transfer Resolution
7.2   Policy on Concussions/Head Injury and Return to Participation (First Reading)
7.3   Discuss Consultation on Technology Services
7.4   Tax Increment Financing Agreements (Update)
7.5   Approve Procedure for Evaluation of the Superintendent
7.6   Discuss Administrative Contracts


Principal's Report


Executive Session



The regular meeting of the Board of Education of Central Community High School was held on February 21, 2012 at 7:30PM in the boardroom.

Members present were Mary Lou Voss, Dave Wellen, Mike Strieker, Tim Richter, Mike Nettemeier and Tina Winkeler presided. Rick Taphorn was absent. Visitors included Lynn Garrett and Kelly Ross.

The agenda was amended and approved on a motion by Mike Nettemeier, second by Tim Richter. Roll call vote: Aye -Mary Lou Voss, Dave Wellen, Mike Nettemeier, Tim Richter, Tina Winkeler, Mike Strieker. Nay - None

The minutes of the previous meeting were reviewed and approved on a motion by Dave Wellen, second by Mike Strieker. Roll call vote: Aye -Mary Lou Voss, Dave Wellen, Mike Nettemeier, Tim Richter, Mike Strieker. Abstain - Tina Winkeler Nay - None

The financial report was reviewed and accepted on a motion by Mike Strieker, second by Tina Winkeler. Roll call vote: Aye -Mary Lou Voss, Dave Wellen, Mike Nettemeier, Tim Richter, Tina Winkeler, Mike Strieker. Nay - None


Mr. Meyer collected the Statements of Economic Interests from all board members. He will file them with the County Clerk. Mr. Meyer stated that the amount of outstanding student fees is almost identical to last year's amount at this time. Melinda will be sending another letter to those who still owe fees in the middle of March. Mr. Meyer reviewed some of the new legislation for Illinois School Law. House Bill 200 requires school boards to adopt a board policy that is in compliance with the Illinois High School Association's protocol regarding student athletes suspected of sustaining a concussion. Also elected officials are now required to attend a training for open meetings. New education reform act senate bill 7 requires school board members to receive 4 hours of professional development training. A new act will repeal all current teacher certification and require a teacher licensure. House Bill 2086 provides that students can't be denied access to other schools based on the fact that they have been suspended or expelled from school except in cases where there is a safety issue. House Bill 3179 changes the truancy rate of 10% to 5% or 9 days.

There is a Common Core Workshops for Mathematics teachers being held by the Regional Office of Education this summer. All four of the CCHS Math teachers have registered for the sessions. All will receive the same $150 stipend as we did last summer to each teacher. We had our annual Health/Life Safety report from the Regional Office of Education. There were no violations found. The fire marshal is also scheduled for a visit. As is always the case, our facility is in great condition concerning HLS and fire safety matters. The School Community Council has now held three meetings and they have been very productive. They are scheduling different programs that will inform the parents of the community. The first of these programs is a College Planning Night being held on Wednesday, March 14th. The second event will be a Technology Night seminar on Tuesday, April 24th. Mr. Hudspeth will be speaking at this event as well as a IT consultant speaking about internet use.

The Illinois State Board of Education annually releases a Financial Profile Designation for all school districts. Our designation falls under "Financial Recognition" or the highest possible rating. We received a 3.9 score out of 4.0. Again this year, the only reason we don't have a perfect rating is due to a slight reduction for the "Cash on Hand" designation. (We have 174.37 days of operational funds) Mr. Meyer informed the BOE of the information he received from the assessment office regarding property tax revenue. The initial estimate given to him in November was drastically different than the actual figures that were told to him last week. Many of our neighboring communities did not levy enough to get everything they possibly could get from tax revenue. We had a 1% increase last year. The assessment office told us in November that this year should be around a 2-3% increase. The increase (before appeals) actually came in at a little over 8%. In December we adopted a levy of 6.97% increase in tax levy. If we would have adopted a 4.99% increase in levy, we would have lost over $61,000 in tax revenue.

The Illinois Association of School Boards is hosting their Spring Dinner Meeting and Semi-Annual Conference on Wednesday, March 7th at 5:30 P.M. at Brownstown Elementary School. The first session fulfills the new requirement for training in the Open Meetings Act as established by recent legislation and requires an additional fee. Mr. Meyer spoke to the BOE regarding our "van" situation. Last year a piece of legislation was addressed on the type of vehicle used at schools. The driver of a 15 passenger vehicle has to have a CDL. The use of vans for after school non-curricular activities have never been reimbursed. Any van with 11-15 passengers is no longer allowed. Very rarely we use both vans hauling 14 passengers. Mr. Meyer suggested purchasing possibly a suburban and a mini-van or cross-over. The suburban would be taken out of the O&M fund, while the cross-over could be taken out of the education fund if we use it for Driver's Education purposes too. He asked to board to think about it and hopefully will review it again this summer. The Regional Office will no longer be holding summer school for the surrounding districts. Right now we have 4 students who would possible need summer school. Mr. Meyer is conversing with the other local districts to see if there is still a need for summer school.

A motion to renew our annual agreement with the Regional Office of Education to maintain the current procedures for the electronic transfer of funds from the ISBE thru Regional Office was made by Mike Nettemeier, second by Dave Wellen. Roll call vote: Aye -Mary Lou Voss, Dave Wellen, Mike Nettemeier, Tim Richter, Tina Winkeler, Mike Strieker. Nay - None

Mr. Meyer asked the BOE to review as a first reading the new policy required to adopt for athletic concussions. Information must be provided on the district policy to student athletes and their parents. (We have already been doing this and following all IHSA requirements.) It identifies symptoms, signs of concussions and who can identify symptoms. It states when athlete can return to sport.

Usually at this time of year we purchase technology equipment consistent with the replacement cycle that we have instituted. Mr. Meyer has other concerns for our technology needs this year. The problem that is developing is the equipment and the usage is extending past the ability of our infrastructure, support, training, and staff to handle. Last year we bought a new server. We thought that was the answer. But it actually added to the problem. The problem is that we need to develop the support needed to keep up with the equipment we have. The portable laptops are the biggest problem. We don't have the best infrastructure to keep up with them. It's a "good problem" but one that needs to be addressed for us to really get the "bang for the buck" out of the equipment and services that we have for our students. Mr. Meyer would like to look for some outside help in assessing the status of our technology "system" and make some suggestions on the direction we should take. A motion to authorize to employ technology consultant was made by Tina Winkeler, second by Mike Strieker. Roll call vote: Aye -Mary Lou Voss, Dave Wellen, Mike Nettemeier, Tim Richter, Tina Winkeler, Mike Strieker. Nay - None

Mr. Kohnen from the Village of Germantown contacted Mr. Meyer regarding their Tax Increment Financing agreement which affects our school district. The village has requested an extension on the agreement for an additional twelve years. The agreement runs for another eight years with effects on our revenue, and an extension to the year 2032 will extend that impact. We were offered a monetary assistant to a project. Mr. Meyer extended a proposal of payment of loss received last year and a similar agreement that we have with Breese TIF, which is 50% for duration of original TIF agreement and then 100% of the extension years. We also have been approached informally by the City of Breese on the potential for a new and additional Tax Increment Financing agreement. Mr. Meyer and Becky had a meeting with Breese Mayor and Tim Schleper regarding a new TIF. Mr. Meyer stated that the BOE would not be in acceptance of the new TIF without another monetary agreement similar to the one currently in place with their TIF.

Mr. Meyer commented about the new Superintendent evaluation and took any questions regarding the new form. Each member will be given an evaluation form to complete, send it to the Board Secretary (Mike Strieker) who will compile them. Mike will bring the results back to the BOE next month for review. A motion to adopt new Superintendent Evaluation process and instrument as discussed in January was made by Tina Winkeler, second by Tim Richter. Roll call vote: Aye -Mary Lou Voss, Dave Wellen, Mike Nettemeier, Tim Richter, Tina Winkeler, Mike Strieker. Nay - None


Eighth Grade Information night was held on January 26th. We had every Central organization here that night speaking about their organization. Mr. Meyer, Mr. Jones, Ms. Lohman, Mrs. Rittenhouse and LydiaHeimann all spoke to the potential freshmen regarding what Central has to offer. Germantown, St. Rose and Bartelso all had post season athletics to attend to that evening. So Mr. Meyer, Mrs. Carroll and Mr. Jones will speak to those schools on February 23rd at Germantown Grade School.

Congrats to our Cougar Cheerleaders who earned a 4th place trophy at the state competition.

Central's Scholar Bowl team has been successfully competing with local school districts. They are currently 19-12 and 5-1 in conference play. The varsity team was seeded 7th out of 34 teams for Sectional play.

Congrats to our Lady Cougar basketball team on their most recent post season play. With a win at the super-sectionals, they are headed to Bloomington for state competition. Their first match-up is against StillmanValley Friday at 8:15PM.

The board entered into closed session at 9:15 PM on a motion by Tim Richter, second by Dave Wellen to discuss Breese TIF, personnel and administration contracts. Roll call vote: Aye -Mary Lou Voss, Dave Wellen, Mike Nettemeier, Tim Richter, Tina Winkeler, Mike Strieker. Nay - None

The board entered into open session at 9:54 PM on a motion by Dave Wellen, second by Tim Ricter. Roll call vote: Aye -Mary Lou Voss, Dave Wellen, Mike Nettemeier, Tim Richter, Tina Winkeler, Mike Strieker. Nay - None

The board adjourned at 9:55PM on a motion by Tim Richter, second by Mike Nettemeier. Roll call vote: Aye -Mary Lou Voss, Dave Wellen, Mike Nettemeier, Tim Richter, Tina Winkeler, Mike Strieker. Nay - None

Mary Lou Voss Mike Strieker
Board President Board Secretary
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