Monday, October 20, 2014 7:30 PM


1.0 Call to Order
2.0 Roll Call
3.0 Approval of Agenda
4.0 Approval of Minutes
5.0 Routine Business
5.1   Financial Report
5.2   Payment of Bills
5.3   Recognition of Visitors / Public Comment
5.4   Communications / Correspondence
5.5   Information
6.0 Old Business
6.1   Summer 14 Project Update / Approve Application for Payment
7.0 New Business
7.1   Review Enrollment Projections
7.2   Approve Internet Service Provider Contract
7.3   Building Committee Authorization and Schedule
7.4   Accept Resignation of Extra Duty Position
7.5   Authorize Assistant Girls Soccer Coach Position
8.0 Principal's Report
9.0 Executive Session
10.0 Adjournment

The regular meeting of the Board of Education of Central Community High School was held on October 20, 2014 at 7:30PM in the boardroom.

Members present were Dave Wellen, Tina Winkeler, Mary Lou Voss, Mike Strieker, Tim Richter (7:35) presided. Mike Nettemeier and Kris Rickhoff were absent. Visitors included Steve Ellis, Lisa Wiegmann, Mike Caraker and Kelly Ross.

The agenda was approved on a motion by Tina Winkeler, second by Mike Strieker. Roll call vote: Aye -Dave Wellen, Tina Winkeler, Mary Lou Voss, Mike Strieker. Nay - None

The minutes of the previous meeting were reviewed and approved on a motion by Mike Strieker, second by Tina Winkeler. Roll call vote: Aye -Dave Wellen, Tina Winkeler, Mary Lou Voss, Mike Strieker. Nay - None

The financial report was reviewed and accepted on a motion by Dave Wellen, second by Mike Strieker. Roll call vote: Aye -Dave Wellen, Tina Winkeler, Mary Lou Voss, Mike Strieker. Nay - None


Mr. Meyer reported briefly on the outstanding textbook and activity fees. We have sent the first round of bills and letters and hope to collect much of this during first semester. We will also be sending a letter to those with significant outstanding accounts (over $300) encouraging monthly payments or use of other payment methods. There is roughly $39k still owed, with 61 seniors still owing $12k.

Mr. Brian Guthrie of the Regional Office of Education will make his annual Compliance Visit on Thursday, October 23rd. This year's visit is a Mini-Compliance Visit with a Health/Life Safety Inspection done in conjunction and review of personnel data and files.

As part of a series of annual inspections (Compliance, Health/Life Safety, Backboards, etc.), we have had our indoor and outdoor bleachers inspected by Langhorst Construction of Arnold, Missouri. They have determined a list of necessary and suggested repairs to equipment. Most of the repairs are relatively minor (seat clips, end caps, broken seats) and we are going to do them ourselves, but we may need to have them complete several of the items to offset larger expenses later. The cost for the repairs will be around $1500.

We have released information to the Association regarding the classification of teachers in categories by their endorsement areas and their grouping by evaluation. These documents could be very important should we have reductions in force or eliminations of positions at Central. The Joint Committee, including Mrs. Voss as the BOE rep, was responsible for constructing these lists and all members were in agreement on their validity. It is the responsibility of the Association to distribute that information in the manner they see fit.

On October 31st we have a full Institute Day for our teachers and the School Improvement Team has planned a day of work for teachers. We will receive some training on topics including the Qmlativ system and other technology matters. Then the teachers will have time to revise and update their webpages. The goal is to reconstruct some parts of our website so these webpages will become more of a focal point. The Tech staff is also going to hold roundtables with each subject to allow for questions and discussions on technology concerns.

The teachers met during the afternoon on October 10th to hear information from the Joint Committee on Assessments, Student Performance Growth evaluations, and the development of Student Learning Objectives. Mr. Jones and the subcommittee presented information and then teachers were given time to evaluate their pre-assessments this year and discuss the development of S.L.O.'s. We have arranged a presentation from Ms. Diana Zaleski of the I.S.B.E. here at Central on these topics for the afternoon of January 16th.

Mr. Meyer updated the BOE on the Qmlativ system. Recently the people at Skyward have initiated the attendance portion of the Family Access Portal giving parents attendance information on their child through the system. We released this information and new "screen shots" on the website for directions. Over the next few weeks, we will be implementing the Student Access Portal that gives kids the access to the system for grades and attendance. Each student will be able to look at grades anywhere with web access and their password. We are also changing some reports so teachers can print grade reports and be able to meet with parents with that material at Parent/Teacher Conferences. Eventually, there will be an integration of the food service accounts so parents can access that information on the portal. We will also have to make some decisions about electronic report cards and release of semester grades. It is a step-by-step process in development but progress continues to unfold.

Senate Bill 16 is still a subject that continues to be a topic of our local districts. The Senate Bill 16 would change the equity in funding education. We would get an additional $32k. It would have a massive impact on suburban districts (not Chicago). Stay tuned…..

We have completed most work at this time on the Summer 2014 Roof Project. Over the past few weeks, the plumbers have replaced most of the drains and damaged seals. The metal people have done most of the fascia, gutters, and downspouts. And, the last areas of roof needing installation has been addressed. During rain showers last week, we had four minor leaks in areas of the building, but we are addressing those with the contractor and final attention to drains. The last stages will be a completion of a punchlist and final application for payment. Mr. Meyer presented a "Walk Around the Roof" slide show to show the completed project.

Mr. Meyer shared his enrollment projects with the Board of Education. This information is based upon information from the elementary districts and other sources. Obviously, the farther ahead we work, less accurate projections can be expected. We also have a lower number of new transfers coming to the district than in the past. Plans for future financial, staff employment, and facility decisions could depend largely on enrollment changes. Enrollment figures look pretty flat for the upcoming years.

At last month's meeting we discussed the speed issues we are having with our limited bandwidth for internet service. The increase in usage of web-based programs (ie. Skyward, Google, Gmail, Ed Leaders Network, Hudl) and live streaming in the classroom for instruction, has caused our need for more bandwidth to explode. Over the past month, Mrs. Lisa Wiegmann and Mr. Meyer, along with the assistance of Mr. Shawn McKinney, have examined several other options for internet service. We have run into obstacles and proposals that are not cost feasible except for one option that is available. Charter Communications refuses to provide service to us due to we are 2000 feet from service equipment. All other companies that were looked into were over $3000/month. AT&T proposed $1019.30 per month for 36 months. We also are taking advantage of E-Rate this year which will help with the cost of the internet service. A motion to approve Tech Proposal for additional bandwidth with AT&T for 3 years at a cost of $1019.30 per month was made by Mike Strieker, second by Tina Winkeler. Roll call vote: Aye -Dave Wellen, Tina Winkeler, Mary Lou Voss, Mike Strieker, Tim Richter. Nay - None

The Building Committee needs to meet to consider recommendations on facility goals, projects to be completed this upcoming year, and long term planning for the facility. Since we had to advert our original plans last year with the roof project, it may be a simple decision to do our plans decided on last year. We still have the School Maintenance Program Grant funding from last year dedicated to the originally planned project. We have two years to expend those dollars and will need to plan accordingly. A meeting was scheduled for November 10th.

A motion to approve the resignation of Kristin Rueter for assistant Track Coach was made by Tina Winkeler, second by Tim Richter. Roll call vote: Aye -Dave Wellen, Tina Winkeler, Mary Lou Voss, Mike Strieker, Tim Richter. Nay - None

A motion to authorize advertisement of Assistant Girls Soccer Coach was made by Tim Richter, second by Dave Wellen. Roll call vote: Aye -Dave Wellen, Tina Winkeler, Mary Lou Voss, Mike Strieker, Tim Richter. Nay - None


There was no principal's report.

The board adjourned at 9:15 PM on a motion by Tina Winkeler, second by Mike Strieker. Roll call vote: Aye -Dave Wellen, Tina Winkeler, Mary Lou Voss, Mike Strieker, Tim Richter. Nay - None

Mike Nettemeier
Board President
Mike Strieker
Board Secretary
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